My prayer to God

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My Prayer of Thanks

Thank you God for our trees,

We praise you God,

Thank you God for animals,

We praise you God

Thank you God for food and water,

We praise you God

Thank you God for my friends,

We praise you God

Thank you God for light,

We praise you God.

Up Cycling

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Have you ever wondered where your rubbish goes? Bet you haven’t. Well the answer to that is Landfill. Almost everything we throw out goes to landfill and I know what you’re thinking! What is landfill? Well it’s a HUGE hole in the ground that dump trucks deliver rubbish to.


Only a few decades ago they came up with recycling which is a pretty good thing to do but lots of our country is still landfill. That’s why these kids have come up with a little thing called up cycling. Up cycling is like using old things that you can’t recycle and turning them into something new like using old toothpaste boxes into a bow or a bag or something like that.


That’s why we need your help…. so stop sitting there… go and up cycle.

Sports night

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Last night was our schools sport night and I hope that every one who could make it had a good time. I placed 3rd in the 800 meter, 3rd in the 200 meter and 3rd in the 100 meter race. Here are some photos of sports night. Go Green Team!

All About Me

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A is for Art

B is for books

C is for cats

D is for drama movies

E is for eating lollies

F is for friends

G is for Grace

H is for harry potter

I is for imagination

J is for jumping

K is for kittens

L is for laughing

M is for Minions

N is for Netball

O is owls

P is for pianos

Q is for queens

R is Running

S is for singing

T is for TV

U is for universe

V is for vocal voice

W is for writing

X is for x ray vision

Y is for yes

Z is for zoos