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In class today we watched a video about Pluto the dwarf planet. In 2006, NASA launched  a small machine called New Horizons. It Launched into space` slowly getting closer to Pluto taking photos of the dwarf Planet. Finally on the 14th of July 2015,NASA received a clear photo of Pluto.

I think this is amazing because the space craft only took 9 years to fly into space.



Eureka Stockade

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It was only the 3rd of December 1854 when a very dramatic event occurred and that event was none other than the Eureka Stockade.

22 miners, 8 soldiers died fighting for there rights. This all happened because of taxes if you wanted to mine you had to buy a licence and if you were cough without a licence you would get tied to a log until you payed 5 pounds to get out. This is a bit strange because if they could not pay to get a licence how could they pay to get out.If you have a promote fight for it. This is the Eureka Stockade. 





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What I did on my Holidays

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Hi every one,

I hope you all enjoyed your holidays, I sure did. Here are some things I got up to.

M Sac – One of my favetrit things I did was go to an M sac holiday programme. If you do not know what M sac is it is a sport center.

The first thing we did  was gon on the water slide.I loved the water slide because when I went down I could fell the rush of the water and the wind in my hair.

Movies – These holidays I went to the movies with my friends. We saw Inside Out a Disney production.The movie was about the emotions inside your head. Two of the emotions Joy and saddness get lost in the mind’.I realy enjoyed this movie because it was  funny and creative.

Clip and Climb – Clip and climb is a very colourful rockclimbing centre.  I  went  with one of my friends. My favourite thing that I did at clip and climb was jumping off the stair case.  When I jumped off it felt like I was flying. I had lots of fun at clip and climb because I love to climb, jump and climb.

Here is a picture of clip and climb