Lame Jokes by Grace Judson

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1.Have you heard the joke about the sidewalk

Its all over town

2.Why did the tomato blush

the salad was dressing

3.Why did the kid throw the clock out the window

He wanted to make time fly

4. Knock knock whose there Ididap  I-did-apwhoo did you………

5. doter doctor I fell like a pact of card

sit down I will deal with you later 


School production

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On October the 29th  My school had its school production could Beyond the Autumn Mist. It was about a dragon named puff and he was looking for a fairy tale.Each class had a song and dance to match their fairy tale. To make the show even better the seniors acted out the classes story before the class went on stage. My favourite part of the show was when I was doing my Dance with my class.

I thought this years school production was great and if I could I would do it all again.