2015 year Review

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This year has been a great year there has been so many fun adventure. I will start with some of my favorite highlights. In term 2 we went to sovereign hill I loved going to sovereign hill because I got to explore a new place wile learning at the same time. Another thing that I enjoyed about sovereign hill was watching the gold being made. I also liked going on the walk to jawbone sanctuary because we got to climb on the rock and search for creatures in the rock pools.I found it  fun we had fundraiser such as the mini fair raising  money for the people in need of help and that only one of the great fundraisers.

There is so much more I could tell you about but this blog just would’t be long enough.



Bottle water

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Have you ever wonder truly were your bottled water comes from well be prepped to here the truth. Did you know most companies actually do use tap water and just put that in there bottles. Guess what bottle water costed a thousand times more than tap water and  tap is better quality.

Fiji water is one of the silliest cam pains yet they are trying to trick people from other country to buy there water just because its from Fiji.Even in taste teas people from all over the country are choosing tap .People in the U.s buy almost half a bills bottles every week that is nearly enough to circle the world 5 time. People are trying to make you scared and insecure about drinking tap water. So bottled water or tap witch do you chose.