Board games – Week 7

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Say the electricity went out in your house what would you do, how would you relax?

I would probably light a candle and pull out a board game.I love playing board games especially with my family, it is so much fun. There are lots of games in the world but some of my favourites are  Monopoly and the Game of Life.I like both of these games because there funny and go for a long time so you get to play longer.

What would you do if your power went out ?

A-Z Holidays

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I had an Absolutely Brilliant holiday.I saw my friend Catriona. We played with the Dog while making an Excellent movie. It was Filmed on a Great camera. Our Hair was styled very fancy.

I also went to Inflatable world with Jenny and Izzy.There were lots of Kids there. After that we bought Lollies.

I spent a lot of my Money on the holidays especially with my Nice friends and I still haven’t Opened all of my Easter chocolates.

Lauren’s dog Pixie is so cute but not very Quiet. I have just got new Runners so has Izzy she is obsessed with the T.V show Smallville. Jenny and I like to Talk,use Very expensive things and drink Water.I watched a movie called Expelled.I had a sleepover with Natalie her favorite colour is Yellow and she likes Zebras.

I had a very busy Holidays.