Board games – Week 7

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Say the electricity went out in your house what would you do, how would you relax?

I would probably light a candle and pull out a board game.I love playing board games especially with my family, it is so much fun. There are lots of games in the world but some of my favourites are  Monopoly and the Game of Life.I like both of these games because there funny and go for a long time so you get to play longer.

What would you do if your power went out ?

6 thoughts on “Board games – Week 7

  1. Hi Grace,
    I live that you have read ahead on the blogging challenges and worked on Week 7. The Game of life was popular when I was younger.
    Can you go back and mark the posts with the week of the challenge ? (like I have for this one). It is cool that you found another Grace to be one of your readers. I hope you checked out her blog and left a comment too!
    Great work.
    Mrs C

  2. Hi Grace, I really like the game of Monopoly and sometimes by family have monopoly afternoons! Have you played the new version with credit cards and an eftpos machine!
    Mrs Inglese

  3. G’day Grace,
    My name is Rian Prestwich and I am a uni student who will be checking in on your student blogging challenge and inviting you to a conversation. Feel free to reply and ask me questions if you’d like.

    I enjoyed reading your blog, you put a lot of effort into it. If the power went out at my place I’d play Monopoly as it’s an enjoyable game. What is the longest game of monopoly that you’ve played?

    Best of luck with your next student blogging challenge, make sure you check back in regularly!
    – Rian

    You can view my blogs here:

  4. Hello Grace,
    I would go outside or play cards if there was no power if I had a a board game I would play it but one question.

    howl did you get the smile face

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