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Today all the year sixes participated in a fire and safety session. Two firemen from the Melbourne Fire Brigade came to our school and taught us how to be safe when a fire is around.  Here are some facts we learnt.

  1. Never leave a stove unattended.

  2. If there is a fire in your house get down low and crawl out of the house until you are safe.

  3. Change the battery in your smoke alarm every year.

  4. Roll up your sleeves when you are cooking.

  5. Don’t overload your power board.

  6. Heaters should be two whole metres away from any object that could catch in fire.

So overall be aware of all that is around you and if you do see a fire please tell an adult and they will help you. We would like to thank the MFB for coming and explaining to us the importance of fire safety.

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