Week 8

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This has been a great week filled with lots of fun.😃 This week we have bean learning about poetry and Miss Emily has been teaching us how to write them. For art this week we learnt how to make abstract paintings and using the right colors. Another thing we did this week was make an e portfolio which is a site where we can put all our memories from this year.

It has been a great week with many fun activities and I am looking forward to next week.

This Week Review

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This week we did lots of interesting things like fire safety ,bahay tulua kids conference was very interesting and we did some fun art painting our news paper and tape animals. Some boys from my school also went to a soccer tournament.this was a very interesting week and I cant wait till the next.

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Today all the year sixes participated in a fire and safety session. Two firemen from the Melbourne Fire Brigade came to our school and taught us how to be safe when a fire is around.  Here are some facts we learnt.

  1. Never leave a stove unattended.

  2. If there is a fire in your house get down low and crawl out of the house until you are safe.

  3. Change the battery in your smoke alarm every year.

  4. Roll up your sleeves when you are cooking.

  5. Don’t overload your power board.

  6. Heaters should be two whole metres away from any object that could catch in fire.

So overall be aware of all that is around you and if you do see a fire please tell an adult and they will help you. We would like to thank the MFB for coming and explaining to us the importance of fire safety.

What did you learn from this post?








Popular Food in Australia Week 6

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1.Fan-tales is a very popular lolly here in Australia it is sold in many stores across Australia.

The fan tale is a chewy fudge caramel coated in chocolate.The rapping is yellow blue and red.It is also shown that yellow and red can make you hungry so when you see the red,blue and yellow raping  it will make you fell like eating one.

2.Tim tams-Yes Tim Tams are also one of the more popular sweets.They are a crunchy chocolate that comes in many different flavors such as white,dark, white and dark.

3.Pavlova-Pavlova is a type of cake that is ma range on the outside and a type of sponge on the inside.It also uselessly has berries on top.This cake is defiantly one of my favorite foods that are popular in Australia.





Tim Tams


Board games – Week 7

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Say the electricity went out in your house what would you do, how would you relax?

I would probably light a candle and pull out a board game.I love playing board games especially with my family, it is so much fun. There are lots of games in the world but some of my favourites are  Monopoly and the Game of Life.I like both of these games because there funny and go for a long time so you get to play longer.

What would you do if your power went out ?

A-Z Holidays

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I had an Absolutely Brilliant holiday.I saw my friend Catriona. We played with the Dog while making an Excellent movie. It was Filmed on a Great camera. Our Hair was styled very fancy.

I also went to Inflatable world with Jenny and Izzy.There were lots of Kids there. After that we bought Lollies.

I spent a lot of my Money on the holidays especially with my Nice friends and I still haven’t Opened all of my Easter chocolates.

Lauren’s dog Pixie is so cute but not very Quiet. I have just got new Runners so has Izzy she is obsessed with the T.V show Smallville. Jenny and I like to Talk,use Very expensive things and drink Water.I watched a movie called Expelled.I had a sleepover with Natalie her favorite colour is Yellow and she likes Zebras.

I had a very busy Holidays.

My Beast bunddy

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Hello everybody welcome back to my blog. Today I’m going to talk about my best buddy !Larny!

Firstly my buddy likes to give me massages. She also likes to play with Shopkins. Her favorite colors are aqua and pink.Hers some more.


Food: Cherry tomato

Teddy: Twinky toes

Birth day: January

Concert: school play.

Thank you for reading bye bye.

My Avatar

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Screenshot 2016-03-07 at 3.14.33 PM This is my avatar. I chose a high side pony tail for the hair because that’s what I always were to school.I put a flower head band on because I have one at home and I were it a lot and lastly I chose a top and shorts for my out fit because when I’m not at school I were shorts and a t shirt.


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Sleep is very important because if we don’t get enough of it it can make us very tired and grumpy. You should not be going on devices at least an hour before you go to bed because the light that comes of the screen stops a special chemical from working. It is called Melanin which tells you it time to go to sleep.

So always make sure you get to bed on time and don’t go on your devices too long before you go to sleep